Come Holy Spirit!


Come Holy Spirit, bring renewal to Your church, to my life!  We desperately need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Netherlands. There is More is a place to receive anointing, power and gifts from the Holy Spirit.  We’ve seen God heal people, both physically and in inner healing.  We’ve discovered more about the Lord Jesus and love Him more.  We’ve discovered at There is More that the ministry of healing and deliverance from the demonic has an essential place in the church and in evangelism.  There is More is also a conference where unity in the whole body of Christ is foundational and where church walls fall to the side.

What do we mean, when we say “Longing for More”

Our Drive

When the Holy Spirit is at work, we discover more.  It can have various aspects: more love for God, more love for people, more power, more anointing, more joy, more burden for the lost, more revelation from God in regards to the needs of other, more sensitivity for your conscience, more faith in prayer, more converts, more gifts, more healings, more churches that will be planted, and more of the culture transforming “yeast” of the kingdom. 

God wants to renew you

We’ve seen how God has blessed There is More and has brought change to many church members, pastors and pioneers.  We’ve seen various fruit throughout our country, in parishes, in churches and in individuals.

The EW does more than organize large events.  We love the local church and we believe it’s essential to have the foundation of the fulfillment/baptism of the Holy Spirit and to put the gifts of the Spirit into practice.  When Christians live in the power of the Spirit the church will grow and many will come to Jesus.  The fields are ripe to be harvested, we will make the connection clear in this next conference what the relationship is between the power of God and evangelism.

The conference There is More is the place to be encouraged and empowered.  When we talk about the work of the Spirit, then we realize that spiritual renewal cannot come without humbling yourself before God and sanctification.  We are convinced that the Word and Spirit are inseparable.

Hans Maat about There is More

Do What Jesus Did

Jesus Christ gave us the best example of discipleship.  The normal Christian life that Jesus demonstrated-and His disciples that followed Him- is bringing the reconciling, healing and delivering love and power of God to people.  Jesus didn’t just preach the gospel, but He preached the gospel of the Kingdom! Paul said that this is the kingdom that is more than just words, it has power!  Paul also demonstrated this kingdom life.  He didn’t just come with wise words, but he also came with signs and wonders and power.

People come to faith where this gospel is preached, people are also healed and delivered.  This doesn’t just happen at church.  This happens at home, at the gym, at the office, in malls, simply in the places where we live and go.  Let’s discover at There is More what is means and how to “do what Jesus did”. What would it be like for us to live in the power of the Holy Spirit?  Of course, there is sanctification and we will help the weak and wounded.  But we will also prophesy, heal the sick and pray for deliverance for those who are in bondage.  Jesus prophesies, heals and delivers.

A powerful revival for the church in the Netherlands


It concerns us that the largest part of the Netherlands does not know Jesus Christ and that the church seems to be too weak to make Him known.  We are standing on God’s faithfulness and promises and are reaching out for the power of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that this is a time for the Western Church to experience a powerful revival and that many will come to faith as a result.