Practical information


Coffee, tea and water are available at the designated area’s for free.

Soda, snacks, lunch and dinner are available via coin sales in the Basiliek.

Ofcourse there are other places to get food in the area. These are all available within walkin distance of the Basiliek:

  • Burger King | Rondweg-West 244A, 3905 LV Veenendaal
  • KFC | Rondweg-West 258, 3905 LV Veenendaal
  • Mac Donalds | Nieuweweg-Noord 266, 3905 LX Veenendaal
  • Wok Plaza | Nieuweweg 224, 3905 LT Veenendaal
  • Oriëntal Express (afhaal) | Fokkerstraat 1, 3905 KV Veenendaal
  • Restaurant Vendel | Vendelseweg 69, 3905 LC Veenendaal

Overnight stay

If you want to make use of an overnight stay during this conference, there are a couple of possibilites.

There is a van der Valk Hotel near the Basiliek. We’ve been able to get a 10% discount at the hotel. If you want to use this discount, send an email to

Then there are other ways to make an overnight stay: