Program during the conference


Morning Sessions

Hans Maat
Word and Spirit: God is here

Sam Storms
Hearing God’s voice

Robby Dawkins
Do what Jesus Did and time for ministry

Afternoon sessions

David Wagner
His testimony and praying prophetically

Sam Storms
The revelation from the Word as opposed to revelation from the Spirit



Matt Palmer: Praying in small groups, practicing, theme: the gifts of the Spirit

David Wagner: Learning to Prophesy

Evening Session

Robby Dawkins
Faith is spelled R-I-S-K and impartation ministry


Morning Sessions

Gerrit Vreugdenhil
Participating in the anointing of Jesus

Robby Dawkins
Living the kingdom

Sam Storms
The prophetic ministry of the local church: dangers and threats

Afternoon Sessions

Robby Dawkins:
Evangelizing in the power of the Holy Spirit

Sam Storms:
Giving and testing prophetic words in the local church

David Wagner:
Prophetic ministry



Arleen Westerhof:
Learning how to prophesy and how to test it

John en Kathryn Baak:   
Medical and theological perspectives on healing and deliverance

Gerrit Vreugdenhil:        
Deliverance ministry in the local church

Evening Session

Robby Dawkins
The manifest presence of God + impartation and ministry



Sam Storms:
The Spirit in Praise and Worship


Robby Dawkins :
Living the Kingdom, part 2

David Wagner:     
The Love of the Father, Identity in Christ

Robby Dawkins & David Wagner:
Healing and Deliverance within evangelism –  impartation (profetic ministry)


Saturday evening, open evening for everyone

It’s all about Jesus + ministry

In Christ alone + ministry

Led by Robby Dawkins, Sam Storms, David Wagner, Arleen Westerhof, Hans Maat, Martin Koornstra, Gerrit Vreugdenhil and others


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